Serving Northern New England Since 1974

Our Ongoing Story...

Our ongoing mission is to provide quality precast concrete products, with the best possible customer service, giving our customers the best value for their money.  We strive to be accommodating and fair to our customers as well as our employees while maintaining a viable, safe and profitable business.

...and the Latest News

Brewer Yacht Yards

gets a new Craneway

Brewer Yacht Yards has locations from Port Washington, New York to South Freeport, Maine.  We and Prock Marine agree that the marina in South Freeport has the best craneway.

Stop in and check it out next time you're steaming by in your yacht.

Lowell Bridge Deck

a Complex Project

Working with Big R Bridge in Colorado and Atlantic Industries Limited in New Brunswick we've made some of the most complex structures in our history right here in Maine and shipped them to Massachusetts.

Click on the photo to see more!